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‘The Masked Singer’ Theories: The Celebs Who Could Be The Peacock, Monster & More

The peacock, monster, unicorn, deer, and lion will be executing once again throughout the Jan. 16 episode of ‘The Masked Vocalist.’ These are the top theories concerning the celebs who could be behind the wild outfits!

You have actually seen them carry out when, as well as currently they’re back again. The covert celebrity singers impersonated the peacock, beast, unicorn, deer, and also lion will certainly strike the phase on the all-new episode of The Masked Vocalist. Among the celebs underneath the crazy outfits will certainly be disclosed at the end of the night. Joel McHale will certainly appear as a visitor panelist.

Since their first performances, fans have actually been trying to determine that the celebrities beneath the outfits are. A lot of the concepts are quite strong, but none people really understand for certain until the celebs are unmasked. Allow’s take a look at the hints we currently know about the superstars and limit the most effective guesses!

THE PEACOCK: The peacock done for the first time in the collection best. This celebrity loves the spotlight and also started performing when he was 5 years old. He claimed that “putting on a show remains in my DNA” and also was buddies with the late Michael Jackson. The peacock was additionally revealed playing the piano and also doing card methods. The most likely celebs are Donny Osmond, 61, as well as Neil Diamond, 77, who were both good friends with the King of Pop.

THE MONSTER: The celeb said during the collection premiere that he picked the monster costume since “that’s what the world classified me.” He disclosed that he was “at the top of my game, yet the video game activated me.” He took a break from the general public eye and also is now prepared to “reword my mixtape.” The very best assumptions about the beast are T-Pain, 33, and also Bobby Brown, 49, who have both had actually bothered pasts.

THE UNICORN: The unicorn matured in Beverly Hills. She had a tough youth as well as dreamt of singing till a person informed her she was “tone-deaf.” Among her labels is “bird.” Tori Spelling, 45, is probably the unicorn. She grew up in Beverly Hills as well as “bird” in Japanese is pronounced “tori.” Nonetheless, Paris Hilton has been named as an additional opportunity.

THE DEER: The deer disclosed during his intro that he is “extremely affordable” as well as not a vocalist in reality. He stated that he’s been “knocked down often times” throughout his life and was discovered holding a football trophy in his introductory video. “Ravens, beware. I’m below to win,” he stated prior to carrying out. That last clue is a major hint that the celebrity is Terry Bradshaw, 70. He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a significant opponent of the Baltimore Ravens, for the entirety of his NFL occupation!

THE LION: The lion said her first performance was a “possibility for people to see me execute without any preconceived notions of who I am.” She is “Hollywood aristocracy” as well as all set to step “far from her pride.” While lots of thought a Kardashian, the lion had an effective voice. There is a concept about Carrie Underbrush, but she isn’t from a well-known family. The lion is probably Rumer Willis, 30, the child of Demi Moore, 56, as well as Bruce Willis, 63! Plus, the lion costume itself is a major tip. Rumer was on Empire, which is all about the LYON family!

The superstars will all be unmasked at some point, however keep those theories active! The initial celebrities to be uncovered on the show were NFL star Antonio Brown, 30, who was the hippo, and also comic Tommy Chong, 80, who was the pineapple. The Masked Vocalist airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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