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‘Power’s Joseph Sikora: It’s ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ To Tommy — ‘But Every Ending Is A New Beginning’

‘Power’s last period premieres Aug. 25. HL sat down SOLELY with Joseph Sikora about biding farewell to the famous Tommy Egan, his character’s intense arc in the last episodes, what’s following, and also more.

The hit Starz collection Power will start its epic final season. The show finished with a bang last season when Tommy fired Angela with a bullet intended for Ghost. This betrayal has actually triggered a battle in between Tommy as well as Ghost, who are basically siblings. In this pursuit for power and also revenge, not every person is going to make it out active.

HollywoodLife spoke SOLELY with Joseph Sikora regarding the evolution of Tommy Egan in the last period. Joseph teased that we’re visiting the most “adult” version of Tommy we have actually ever seen in season 6 as well as he’ll be taking on a more “fatherly duty” too. Even though Ghost wants him, Joseph emphasized that Tommy doesn’t be afraid fatality whatsoever. Joseph additionally opened regarding biding farewell to a character he’s played for 6 periods as well as beginning a new chapter on Ozark.

Stars are constantly looking for new functions and also move on to various projects. But with this being the final season, is it a little bit hard for you to bid farewell to Tommy after season 6?
Joseph Sikora: I have actually currently bid farewell to him in some capability due to the fact that I’ve signed up with the actors of Ozark for period 3. And afterwards I additionally have another film called Jacob’s Ladder that’s coming out at basically at the same time that Power is dropping. So there are different characters of me that are floating about at the very same time as Tommy. It was a terrific high-end and I’m so grateful to the show’s developer, Courtney Kemp, as well as 50 Cent for making this show as well as providing me this possibility and also for Gary Lennon, that did a big quantity of Tommy’s advancement in the series. To be able to collaborate with 3 amazing professionals like that has actually been such a deluxe for this time around. So you wish that high-end returns. You hope that a few of the connections that you have actually made with individuals that you actually like to work with and you’re terrific in collaborating with have the ability to advance. So because means, it’s difficult to bid farewell however every closing is a new beginning. I feel it’s more a clean slate than anything else.

What was it like for you like reading the series finale script?Joseph Sikora:
It allowed. I was shocked at the end result. The back 5 are mosting likely to be truly fascinating for individuals. I believe that it’s like a really delicious dessert. Every one of them since it’s an extremely intriguing perspective on the last 5 as well as I assume that it’s going to be really risky. I believe that it’s going to satiate the followers all lot greater than, I believe, a great deal of various other collection did since there’s a great deal of dangers involved, and also I think that was really bold of Courtney.

Exists any type of part of Tommy that is sorry for shooting Angela?
Joseph Sikora: No and I’ll extrapolate on that particular. For all intents and functions, he indicated to shoot Ghost. He obtained Angela as well as they had that little response afterward where’s he resembles, “I think that’s better. Yeah, that was right. That was meant to occur. This was suggested to be.” And I think that, for Tommy, to even get to a location where he wants to having a go at his bro, he needs to be completely drained of who he truly remains in a lot of methods, or at the very least the guy that we have actually become so aware of. He goes to the lowest point of his life then as well as currently he thinks that he has brought Ghost to the lowest point of his life, serendipitously, and also now maybe we can begin once again. In Tommy’s mind, that’s where he’s going to go.

So we’re maybe visiting a different side of Tommy in period 6?
Joseph Sikora: It’s one of the most maybe “adult” Tommy that we’ve seen. This is a Tommy that maybe assumes and also looks before he jumps occasionally, which we’re not used to because Tommy simply going all-in is his character. You’re going to see the most dynamic Tommy that we have actually seen in the series.

I seem like the program has pulled back many layers on Tommy but yet there’s still a lot more that we do not find out about him.Joseph Sikora: There’s so much we don’t learn about him and I think that’s what keeps it so amazing. There has actually remained to be, period after period, a sense of secret concerning Tommy. Nevertheless, Tommy is type of this individuals’s champ. He’s type of this working-class hero in some ways, also, due to the fact that he does represent the functioning guy somehow. He punches the clock. He works hard. He’s a bit of a micro-manager, which is why he’s still going road work when he should not be, however he’s got that employee mindset. He wants to just work and also build block by block if he has to, yet he realizes the most effective way to do it is larger than that and also with even more of the finesse that Ghost offered the video game.

The final period is a war in between Ghost as well as Tommy. Do you assume there’s a part of Tommy that fears fatality in any way? Because that’s constantly an opportunity on Power.
Joseph Sikora: You only fear death if you have something to live for, right? I think that Tommy is ultimately constructing something to live for almost unbeknownst to himself. I think that we’ll see development with his relationship with LaKeisha. We are mosting likely to meet Money. We’re going to see how Tommy fits into more of a fatherly function. To make sure that’s an additional aspect that we haven’t really seen with Tommy. We have actually seen Tommy with Tariq be domestic in that means but not in the capability where he feels the extravagant concern of taking care of a family members. We’ll see what those concepts resemble in his eyes.

It’s intriguing that LaKeisha would certainly be in his life now, recognizing that there’s a lot at risk as well as there’s a lot on the line. There are many things that could occur to her, to him, her child. Since Tommy shot Angela, all wagers are off the table.Joseph Sikora
: It’s funny. Tommy understands Ghost yet he does not truly be afraid Ghost. It’s weird. He never underestimates Ghost. He recognizes what Ghost can however it’s not so much anxiety. There’s always that time in Tommy– if it’s my time to pass away, it’s my time to pass away. And also I assume that’s a great deal of the reason he lives. Tommy is never ever running from fatality. He’ll face it head-on. So, if he dies this period, it’s mosting likely to be under the most severe conditions feasible, and he’ll take every person down with him.

Do you think that there’s any type of wish for forgiveness between Ghost as well as Tommy?Joseph Sikora
: I think Tommy believes so but I don’t assume Ghost agrees.

That might be Ghost’s failure as well.Joseph Sikora: Itmight be or it might be Tommy’s downfall.

Entering into the last season, what is Tommy’s main priority?Joseph Sikora: Building back up his business, getting it back, getting dedicated soldiers. Likewise, pleasing his female. He’s taking a great deal of satisfaction in pleasing LaKeisha since she has made this dedication to him. One of the important things that he values practically more than anything else is true commitment, and she’s verified it to him. Whereas Holly went behind his back to do something and also her not being dedicated to Tommy was her ultimate death. He was passionately crazy with Holly and that switch simply went off I watched Of Mice and also Men and re-read the play. I thought that it was so similar, that he simply really did not realize what he was doing at the time. He was just trying to close her up and then when she was dead, he stated,”Why are you doing this to me? “Now that Ghost as well as Tommy go to battle, where does this location Tommy’s relationship with Tasha? Tasha and also Tommy are like

family.Joseph Sikora: I believe that Tommy is mosting likely to discover the requirement to separate Tasha and his friendship with Tasha due to the fact that Tasha has placed herself in a location
of being at odds with LaKeisha. So she’s placed herself up in arms with Tommy. Tommy’s truly mosting likely to have to bargain those 2 relationships. I think that’s going to be one of his trickiest tasks this period. When he found his various other family members, his daddy, that went the upside-down. Tommy’s always been searching for family members and also who he is. I believe that the more individuals he meets, and the even more situations that he remains in, the harder that is for him to have self-realization of who he is. Tommy is constantly on this search whereas Ghost located what he wants. We follow Ghost’s search of what he wants, as well as we’re complying with Tommy’s journey of self-discovery through this whole thing. Recalling, is there any type of scene on Power that continues to protrude in your mind?Joseph Sikora: Yes, Tommy killing Holly. I seem like that was truly difficult to do because every angle, you’re in it someway.

To maintain that up for 10 hours, simply that scene, and also we shot various other scenes that day yet simply that scene was 10 hours. To stay in that place for that long, I could not have done that without Lucy, that stayed in the exact same location as well. She’s an amazing actor which was possibly the most impactful scene that I can bear in mind in the entire series, but I’ve had numerous scenes. I have the high-end of working with every one of these extremely fantastic stars. You recognize, Lela [Loren] is such a fine actor and Naturi [Naughton] as well as Omari [Hardwick] and simply collaborating with a lot of our guest stars. Moving over to Ozark, what’s it like tackling a new TELEVISION role when you have actually played Tommy for so long?Joseph Sikora: It is far more difficult than I assumed it was going to be. It’s a much smaller sized role than Tommy. Certainly, every duty is important to the tale and also my function is absolutely a connection lynch-pin for several of our lead stars, that we have actually known over the 2 periods.

Frank Jr. is that I play. He’s going to put the huge thorn in a few of our lead characters ‘sides, I can safely say. Is it tough recognizing that you’re not going to return to the duty of Tommy?Joseph Sikora: It’s only difficult for me due to the fact that I believe there’s a lot more tale to inform with Tommy. I assume people always inform me they would certainly like to enjoy even more of what makes Tommy tick. They would certainly like to see Tommy in new situations, however that’s not my call.

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